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Mei Wah's coaching helped me move forward with both at business and personal challenge. She has a very encouraging style, helping me to find my own positive reasons to motivate me in taking action. Mei Wah was very flexible during our calls; the coaching flowed naturally with lots of humour along the way. She held me gently accountable for my actions, which worked well.

Linda Hayman, Peterborough, UK



I went to see Mei Wah with a specific problem – work/life balance. I was in a bit of a crucial situation as I had just signed a contract to write a book whilst still undertaking my full time job. How was I going to do this without going mad? How was I going to be able to switch off from the day job every evening/weekend and get on with my book?

It was the “switching off” that was the real problem. I can’t exactly tell you what Mei Wah said, or how she turned my thinking around but she did. She taught me strategies to deal with worries about my job, so I could easily switch off without guilt and think “no need to even go there till Monday morning!” And so, the book got written, and was published in the US and UK, and sold well.

Thanks Mei Wah!

Sue Woolmans, BBC Sound Engineer, UK



Mei Wah's warm, gentle but very thorough coaching style helped me to slow down and in doing so achieve more. I really enjoyed our sessions and found her to be very empathetic but at the same time always focused on the outcomes I needed.

Many thanks Mei Wah for guiding me through a very frenetic period!

Georgina Walsh, Branding Coach, Ireland



Mei Wah uses an intuitive coaching style that makes you feel like she cares about you as a person and that the work she's doing is with you not for you. I appreciated her unique form of coaching because it felt personalised and due to her encouraging and supportive nature.


She was probing about the important things I wouldn't have chosen to discuss without prompting but in such a gentle and reassuring way that I felt I was in a safe place to confidently discuss such personal issues.


She discussed important matters that needed addressing in a reassuring way and helped me move forwards to find goals and solutions that would work best for me, because she didn't tell me what to do, she helped me figure it out for myself.


 I feel more on track as a result of my coaching with Mei Wah and that my work goals are more achievable with the new strategies she's suggested.


Thank you for helping me smiles more.


Claire Mora, London



I attended your seminar at the City Business Library this morning and would just like to say thank you for such an interesting and informative presentation.  It was not only very good content but you presented it so well too.


I attend seminars at the Library from time to time but this has been the best so far and I would just like to say how much I appreciated it.


Robert Malleson MIH


RPM Associates Ltd



Feedback comments from various workshops:

Ø  Very clear, precise and well explained

Ø  Informative

Ø  The wheel of life balance related to two of my businesses.

Ø  Excellent because the session talked through issues and achieved outcomes.

Ø  Useful feedback – probing questions/good facilitator/ encouraged me to think about skills and raised awareness of what I could do next.

Ø  Excellent because at the end of the session- I understood myself and solved my issues Thank you!!!

Ø  Interesting informal format, fun a very proactive workshop.

Ø  So inspiring; very encouraging.

Ø  Group session worked very well in exploring what were once obstacles – I can see that things can be achieved and not be put off

Ø  Very good speaker.



I must confess that I was sceptical about the value of coaching. Having now experienced coaching with Mei Wah, I believe it is a great investment and with real benefits for achieving a balance for my professional and personal space. She has an amazing ability to help you to find focus. It transforms my thinking from confusion to clarity, procrastination to action. I strongly recommend coaching and I cannot recommend Mei Wah highly enough.


Sarah Hinds, London



I found our coaching sessions invaluable as it enables me to air my thoughts and worries. Mei Wah is very supportive and encouraging and this helps me to build up my confidence. With her support I was able to plan for my next steps and take actions. Thanks again for being a great listener.


Thank you Mei Wah for your support.


Victoria Mills, New York






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