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At MWY Consulting we know that everyone strives for a balance between personal fulfilment and life’s challenges. This may result in collective impact of many elements in our life and sometimes left us feeling overwhelm and stress.

Our coaching aim is to empower you to make the transformation that you desire by assisting you to develop your goals and plan of actions. Whether you want to work on your general personal growth or a specific area like stress we can support you by guiding you to your inner wisdom.


A coach is like a trusted confidant with whom you can share your inner thoughts, concerns, frustration etc. Our clients are people who understand the value of personal development and are ready to make the commitment. They are usually driven and when something is not happening the way they expect it they come to us for coaching. Coaching has many aspects and part of it is to help our client to learn new skills or help them to put things into perspective.


Personal coaching can help you to set better goals and support you to achieve the results that you desire. We collaborate with our client to help them to make significant changes in their personal and professional life. There are many benefits to coaching but one of the key benefits is that it raises your awareness of the options that you have and that you are in control of your destiny.

Service at a glance:


1-2-1 Personalised Coaching

Our personalised 1-2-1 coaching is a flexible service designed to meet individual client’s needs. We all face different challenges in our life so everyone has specific needs.

The individual chooses a subject to be coached and therefore benefits from their own tailor-made actions. We use our in-take session to find out your requirements and work out a personalised coaching programme that best suits your situation.


1-2-1 and Group Coaching Programmes

We offer the following coaching programmes:


Stress Management Coaching Programme:

A little bit of stress can push us into action but too much can have a detrimental effect.

This is a five steps programme that will help you to identify your source of stress and to develop a strategy and actions to deal with this stress.

Benefits may include helping you to live a simplified life, make smart investment in your life and choose a healthy attitude.


Time Management Coaching Programme:

Have you ever wished there were more hours in a day to get the work done or feeling guilty for not completing that task?

This is a five steps programme that will assist you to develop skills that will help you be better organised and focused so that your time is invested in worthwhile tasks.

Benefits may include better focus on your key tasks, less guilt and more time to enjoy life.


Life/Career Planning Coaching Programme:

Have you ever wished you can make a living by doing something that you enjoyed?

This is a six steps programme that will assist you to identify the areas that you want to work in and develop a strategy and actions to make that a reality.

Benefits may include learning how to integrate your values into your life and work.




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