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Our Mission:

At MWY Consulting, our mission is to encourage, inspire and enlighten people and business to make the choices, to take the actions that will unleash their potential and lead them to the desired outcome of their life or business success.


Services we Provide:

MWY Consulting is a consultancy specialises in personal and corporate services. In our personal coaching service we specialise in stress management, time management, life/career planning, work life balance, weight management, personal foundation and financial independence.In our corporate service, we specialise in executive coaching, project management consultancy and management training.


Our Coaching Service:

Our coaching's aim is to empower you to make the transformation that you desire by assisting you to develop your goals and plan of actions. It is not a “quick-fix” process and the effort you put in will be reflected in your progress.


We offer 1-2-1 personalised coaching, coaching programmes and group coaching sessions. Our coaching sessions can be a stand-alone session or a regular programme depending on your requirement. However, we encourage individual to allow for about six to eight sessions over a period of time to enable your development and transformation to take place.


All information provided in our coaching relationship is confidential.


For more information please call us for a no-obligation free consultation.


Our Consultancy & Training Services:

We apply coaching to both our project management consultancy and management training services. Our aim is provide our clients with a holistic approach by paying attention to both the people and the technique/methodology that needs to be applied in companies.


Our Goals:

Our goal is to be the catalyst that enables business and individual to achieve the desired changes that they want to make by assisting them to establish clarity in their requirements and goals so that their actions are focus on the delivery of the desired outcomes.


We partner with individuals and companies to achieve success with balance. The current economic climate means that everyone needs to be innovative in their approach and thinking to overcome real and potential challenges.


We work with business and individual who want to work smarter and grow faster by providing focus to their desired outcome and to enable them to target their resources efficiently. It is about achieving success with balance and has some fun along the way.


If you want to work harder that’s your business but if you want to work smarter that’s our business.





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